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As a Value Added Distributor, Microtronica has a clear focus on personal customer care. You will get in contact with knowledgable employees for server, desktop and mobile components. If you're looking for new or alternative configurations or components needed to develop new businesses, our well-trained employees are happy to assist. Their knowledge about price points, life cycles and supply of existing, upcoming and new products can help provide you with an advantage over your competition.


11.05.2015 The Intel® Solid-State Drive of 530 Series. Store all important Data on lickety-split up to 480 GB:

Intel® Solid-State Drive 530 Series - Lose the lag. Lose the limits.With Intel® SSD 530 Series, your computer will blaze through the most demanding... [more]


11.05.2015 The 5th Generation of Intel® NUC: Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i5RYH

A revolution in ultra-compact device design, the Intel® NUC NUC5i5RYH1 packs more features into 4 inches square. The NUC5i5RYH is equipped with... [more]


New Products

20.05.2015 The new Intel® SSD Data Center S3510 Series. Consistently amazing

Cost-Effective Performance and ReliabilityExperience low total cost of ownership and exceptional performance, reliability, and strong data protection... [more]


12.05.2015 Intel® SSD Data Center S3610 Series. Introducing Next Generation Data Center SSDs

28.000 IOPS84.000 IOPSThe Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Family for SATA expands with the Intel® SSD DC S3610 Series. The Intel SSD DC S3610... [more]


04.05.2015 Intel® SSD 750 Series. Performance unleashed

No-Compromise Storage Has Arrived Experience the future of storage performance for desktop client and workstation users with the Intel® SSD 750... [more]


04.05.2015 Intel® SSD 535 Series. Level up. The next level of consumer computing

The next generation of consumer computing The Intel® SSD 535 Series combines quality, performance, and low power consumption for outstanding... [more]


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