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As a Value Added Distributor, Microtronica has a clear focus on personal customer care. You will get in contact with knowledgable employees for server, desktop and mobile components. If you're looking for new or alternative configurations or components needed to develop new businesses, our well-trained employees are happy to assist. Their knowledge about price points, life cycles and supply of existing, upcoming and new products can help provide you with an advantage over your competition.


27.03.2015 Special Offer - Earn 140 Points on Intel® Core™ i3-3220 until 28.03.2015

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to earn promotional points on a 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor! This dual-core processor features... [more]


20.03.2015 Intel® Galileo Gen 2 Development Board

What will you make?The Intel® Galileo Gen 2 board is the first in a family of Arduino*-certified development and prototyping boards based on Intel®... [more]


12.03.2015 Replace Legacy Groundwork Servers by substantially improved Windows 2012 R2 Pedestals and Workstations having up to 36 cores and 2TB RDDR4!

Did you know that 44% of all IT spends are happening in SMB market? The majority of small and medium businesses rather replace servers than upgrade... [more]


12.03.2015 Instead of moving 2003 Workloads into the Cloud: Keep Control over your Data and build your own Private Cloud Server running Windows 2012 R2

Now customers face the challenge to replace legacy applications running on Windows Server 2003, 35% intend to move those to the cloud. They may... [more]


11.03.2015 Replace Your Single-Socket Windows 2003 Server by an ultimate Single Socket Performance SKU running Windows Server 2012 R2

Roundabout 75% of IT decision makers are aware of EOS of Win 2003. They plan to purchase a new server in the upcoming 6 months, like 46% of SMBs in... [more]


11.03.2015 Renew Single-Socket Windows 2003 Servers and gain up to 7.7x the Performance with Intel® Xeon® E3 1200 v3 and Windows 2012 R2

Mainstream support of Windows 2003 terminated on July 13th 2010 already. Its extended Support will end on July 14th 2015. Round about  50% of... [more]


19.02.2015 The Intel® Solid-State Drive of 530 Series. Store all important Data on lickety-split up to 480 GB:

Intel® Solid-State Drive 530 Series - Lose the lag. Lose the limits.With Intel® SSD 530 Series, your computer will blaze through the most demanding... [more]


19.02.2015 The Intel® Solid-State Drive of 730 Series. Performance unleashed

No-Compromise Storage Has Arrived The Intel® Solid-State Drive 730 Series combines enthusiast-grade performance with the endurance and... [more]


18.02.2015 Intel® Edison. Only Tiny Platform, Endless Possibility

Intel® Edison is a solution designed to lower the barriers to entry for quick prototyping and productizing the connected computing devices driving... [more]


18.02.2015 Intel® Galileo Gen 2 Development Board. Empower Your Prototype

Intel® GalileoEasy entry with expert power. Intel Galileo is an excellent learning platform that can meet the demands of advanced project. From... [more]


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